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We are committed to maintaining and promoting the highest ethical standards and practices in our business relationships and to upscaling the quality of life of the general populace.

CBC EMEA continues to grow its focus on becoming the preferred technology solutions provider in the Europe, Middle-East and Africa (emea) region, sustaining, and improving our market leadership in various leading sectors.

We are proud to be a trusted partner to our customers, and we are committed to helping them achieve their business goals.

Our Brands

software development from Gedu Technologies

CBC Gedu Technologies

Custom Software Projects

Gedu technologies brings software ideas to life. From custom implementations for off-the-shelf solutions, to fully custom solutions that drive growth and meet user requirements right where they are needed.

Netcomms, satellite internet connectivity

CBC Netcomms

Broadband, Satellite and Radio Internet

CBC Netcomms brings the best of remote connectivity solutions that can help put any device in any location on the internet at the click of a button.

CBC properties real estate solutions

CBC Properties

Office space and real estate solutions

CBC Properties offers comprehensive corporate office space and facility management services. With our expertise in the real estate industry, we provide tailored real estate solutions to meet the unique needs of all kinds of real estate stakeholders.

CBC Surveillance, safety and monitoring solutions

CBC Surveillance

Safety and Monitoring solutions

CBC Surveillance offers a diverse range of safety and environment monitoring solutions. From simple CCTV security cameras to preventative fire, gas and water damage sensors.

CBC infrastructure, data centers and server management solutions

CBC Infrastructure

Data center and server management

CBC Infrastructure excels in providing top-notch data center and server management solutions. From data hosting, efficient server management, to comprehensive IT solutions, we provide services and solutions to keep your digital infrastructure running smoothly.

CBC Energy, sustainable on and offshore energy

CBC Energy

Sustainable on-and-offshore energy

CBC energy is the anwser to our search for a sustainable way to deliver power to all areas in need of power. From remote underserved locations to large communities looking for cleaner, more affordable power.

Innovation. Every step of our way

Founded over 30 years ago with a goal to deliver business solutions with technology, we now serve similar solutions across a wide span of industries and clients delivering solutions like data storage, smart surveillance, internet services, software development and cybersecurity, sustainable energy, advanced facility management, and real estate solutions.

We are dedicated to advancing technology solutions that drive positive change, especially in growing economies navigating an ever evolving world.

CBC Towers

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